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Research papers

The research showed that, when children master the logic beneath concepts, they can extend their learning through reasoning and go beyond what they were taught in the classroom.

Reasoning First Teaching Mathematical Reasoning in Year 2

(Terezinha Nunes, Peter Bryant, Rossana Barros, Deborah Evans & Sue Baker)

  • Two types of ability are essential for children to succeed in mathematics in school: arithmetic and quantitative reasoning
  • Mathematical Reasoning in Year 2 promotes the development of both abilities.
  • In an EEF supported efficacy trial, children who participated in the programme made an extra three months of progress in maths than children who did not participate in the programme.r
Research Brief

Fractions: difficult but crucial in mathematics learning

(Terezinha Nunes, Peter Bryant, Jane Hurry and Ursula Pretzliks)

  • Teaching pupils about fractions must include a focus on the logical relations involved in this concept.
  • Teaching about logical relations should build on pupils’ intuitions.
  • Teacher education should make teachers aware of pupils’ intuitive understanding of the logic of fractions and the situations in which they are understood most easily.
Research Brief

Our Reasoning Programmes

The Reasoning First programmes were evaluated in rigorous research funded by the EEF, the ESRC, the Nuffield Foundation and the British Academy.

Mathematical Reasoning in Y2

Mathematical Reasoning in Y2

Mathematical Reasoning is a whole-class programme with two strands: 1. quantitative reasoning and 2. number sense and arithmetic. Online training is available
Find out more about Mathematical Reasoning
Reasoning about Fractions in Y4

Reasoning about Fractions in Y4

Lessons include reasoning about ratios and fractions. It surprises teachers that children reason better about ratios than fractions. Try a free sample lesson
Find out more about Reasoning About Fractions

EEF Trial of Mathematical Reasoning

Are you ready to register your interest in taking part in the EEF funded randomised control trial of Mathematical Reasoning in Y2? Click here.