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The Mathematical Reasoning in Y2 Programme is appropriate for, and will be beneficial to, all teachers, including NQTs. The fact that we provide detailed lesson plans and structured resources will be particularly helpful to NQTs.


The Mathematical Reasoning in Y2 Programme can be used in parallel with any other programmes or resources including ‘Teaching to Mastery’. It simply replaces one lesson a week for 12 weeks.

Mathematical Reasoning in Y2 is designed to be delivered to the whole class. The 12 lessons are taught once a week as the maths lesson for the day, saving preparation time. The game-like activities at increasing levels of challenge are appealing to children. A TA should support implementation when children are split into groups for differentiation in the second half of the lesson.


The Mathematical Reasoning in Y2 Programme deepens teachers’ appreciation of children’s implicit knowledge and inspires children to use their own reasoning. Your children will learn to master the logic beneath concepts, they can extend their learning through reasoning and go beyond what they were taught in the classroom. Research shows that children reach better understanding and higher achievement in standardised tests.

Two types of ability are important for children to succeed in mathematics in school: they must be able to reason logically about quantities and they must have a good grasp of numbers and relations between numbers. The first of these abilities is called quantitative reasoning and the second is called numerical reasoning (or arithmetic plus number sense).



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